Friday, March 28, 2014

I Am Back

When I took a break last summer, I intended to be right back in a month. However, I did not realize how burnt out I was. Also, I just did not feel led to write. Before God told me to, so I did. I am not a writer or a theologian, so posting one short post world consume me for two days. This was just too much. Going forward I plan to make some changes. One thing I have always enjoyed was photography. I consider myself to be a good snapshot photographer who comes out with some good pictures. Recently I have been applying myself to going to the next level and see where it takes me. My plan is to add scripture to photos and make just a brief statement concerning the scripture. I may share something that struck me during a sermon, or what I read in a book. Most of the time it will be my own thoughts. What ever I write, will be brief. It is my prayer that God uses this site to bless my brothers and sisters in Christ along with hopefully some who do not know Jesus will come and their hearts be softened. I look forward to visiting the blogs which I have followed in the past and reconnecting with my blogger friends. May God bless you all.