Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Change Of Seasons

I am pleased with the fact summer is finally coming to an end here in the Valley of the Sun. It has been a long and hot summer. But none the less, it was a good summer. Every year in spring I look forward to summer. Then when August and September rolls around, I am ready for cooling off. Now I will be able to enjoy things with loved ones outdoors such as a walk in the park with my girlfriend or a trip to the zoo with the grandkids. Oh, and how I enjoy reading the Bible out on the back patio on a nice cool morning while drinking a warm cup of coffee. Or setting under a shade tree listening to the birds and wind through the trees relfecting on Jesus and how good He is.

While it is nice to look forward to what lies ahead in the fall, this is a good time to reflect on the wonderful things of last summer and thank God for His blessing. One awesome thing to be thankful for is the extra time I was blessed to have with my girlfriend. She works two jobs most of the year, but in the summer only one job. With me working swing shift, our time is usually limited. I also took her to meet my mom in July. I am thankful to have my mom still living and we were able to go visit her. She is in her upper 80’s, so thank you Lord Jesus for that blessing.

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