Monday, October 17, 2011


I just returned home from a wonderful vacation, and a much needed one I might add. While in Chicago, we attended a terrific Bible study one night; the topic was from Mark chapter 16 concerning the resurrection. There was one thing which stood out to me, unbelief. When those who had seen the resurrected Christ, they told the disciples, yet none believed.
Mary Magdalene Sees the Risen Lord
9 Now when He rose early on the first day of the week, He appeared first to Mary Magdalene, out of whom He had cast seven demons. 10 She went and told those who had been with Him, as they mourned and wept. 11 And when they heard that He was alive and had been seen by her, they did not believe.
Jesus Appears to Two Disciples
 12 After that, He appeared in another form to two of them as they walked and went into the country. 13 And they went and told it to the rest, but they did not believe them either. (Mark 16:9-13 NKJV)

My initial thought, “how could they not believe? How many times had Jesus told them this would happen? How is it that they did not believe?” The more I thought about this the more I realized we today are no different and I am no exception. Most people in the world have heard of the return of Christ, yet many do not think it will happen or at least they be judged. God has made this quite clear in Scripture; there will be a day of judgment. I think most Christians believe in the second coming, but do we live like it? Are we concerned for the lost? Just think; any day could be our last. The moment we step into eternity, we will never have the opportunity to tell a lost person of salvation through Jesus.

What about God promises has made us in His word?

4 Rejoice in the Lord always. Again I will say, rejoice!
5 Let your gentleness be known to all men. The Lord is at hand.
6 Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; 7 and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. (Philippians 4:4-7 NKJV)

If I live by this passage of scripture, do I really believe God's peace will guard my heart and mind? 

God has made many promises through His Word, yet do I really believe? If I really believe His promises, why do I worry so much?

Is there any areas of unbelief in your walk with the Lord? We can always trust God's Word to be true, but in our fallen sinful state, trusting can be easier said than done. 


  1. Ken: You are so right. We say we believe but so many times we don't live like it! There is a reason Jesus talked so much about is at the heart of the matter. We live like whatever we put our faith in. Today so many have faith in the world, and yet the world will fail them everytime, but Jesus never will.

    I am so glad you had a good vacation, and immersed in the Word as well! Thank you for the encouraging message....Lori

  2. Ken, I am reading through the Gospels right now, and I've had the same thought. Jesus made it very clear to His disciples that He was going to be betrayed, beaten and killed. But He also said He would rise again and that they would see Him again. So why were they so confused and why did the doubt? But you're right - I could ask the same question of myself. God has made it all very clear in His Word. He promises to never leave me. Jesus said not to worry, but to seek Him first. So why I doubt? Great thoughts for today, Ken!

  3. Hi Ken,
    Belief and faith, so hard sometimes. This past Sunday a young lady asked me to pray with her and after briefly explaining the situation, I told her that she needed to just trust in Jesus by taking the first step, knowing He will be there to guide and direct you. It hit me again, that my faith was lacking. Here I am giving advice yet it was also something that I needed a reminder about.
    Even us, who are older in the faith need to remember to trust in Him.

    Jesus is coming soon. Will He find faith here? I hope so. This encourages and spurs me on into taking a running leap off of that cliff, trusting Him to be there for me with the next level.

    Blessings brother,

  4. Hi Ken,
    This was a good post. I did a post august 4th where I compared the disciple's unbelief of Jesus' promise to return and their subsequent living in fear to our same unbelief and fear.. not always remembering that He will return again! So I guess it's true trusting can be easier said than done for sure.
    ~God Bless You~

  5. This is such a powerful post Ken; we read it and believe (in our hearts)that it is the truth, but do we live by it and express it daily to those we come in contact with? Our faith and trust is tested by what we say and do; we can never doubt His promise!

    Great post!


  6. Ken, such truth in this one. My oldest son and I were just talking along these lines yesterday. About how we profess that we trust the Lord, and yet we often don't live our lives like we do.

    There is belief in the heart, and then there is acting it out. He and I said it was the difference between *talking the talk, and walking the walk*.

    Worry is a problem for me - and some are more prone to it than others, I believe. And yet, it is when my own understanding is confused, and my path isn't quite clear, that I MUST let the Lord be the Sentry to the gate of my heart. He must guard me with peace.

    Easier said than done, yes - but oh, how necessary. I pray for more of the power of the Holy Spirit to enable me to live the faith that I truly believe.


  7. This is so true : ) Great post! My biggest weakness is in being anxious. I am recognizing it, and learning to go to sleep with good thoughts and Bible verses. But we are like sheep our reactions are very simple- we get scared and freeze. It's so much wiser to stop and pray with praise.

  8. Thank you Ken, my brother in Christ for sharing this magnificent post along with God's Word with me!

    Sorry I didn't comment sooner, but I had to do some house cleaning on my two blogs, as a matter of fact I won't be doing anymore posts on my Dragon's Tea Cup blog, for now that I've returned to my one and only Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, for I'm no longer in sink with the header of that name!!! You'll see what I'm talking about if you decide to stop into that blog.

    God's blessings to you my brother in Christ and friend!!!

  9. love this post thanks for sharing loves from holland...soraya

  10. Excellent post, Ken. I sometimes hear myself pray, "Dear Lord..." and then I spend thirty minutes worrying and fretting! It is better to pray the promises you quoted!

  11. Hi Ken -

    Glad that you were able to vacate for some needed respite. Welcome back.

    Thank you for this meaningful post.
    It helps indeed!


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