Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Thank You Jesus

John 15:13

"Greater love has no one than this, 
than to lay down one’s life for his friends."
John 15:13 NKJV

Many people ask, "Why do you Christians honor a symbol of torture?"  It is not the symbol, but who Jesus is and what He did. It is because of Jesus' great love that He laid His life down for us, that all who believe will have everlasting life. It is through Jesus' death, burial and resurrection that we live.

Thank You Jesus!


  1. I have heard that comment before. My mother never liked seeing even a picture of the cross because it made her so sad...But, it is a reminder to us of the price Jesus paid.
    I wear a cross necklace with the symbol of a dove on it to remind me that it was through the cross that we have been indwelled with the Holy spirit...It looks like freedom to me whenever I look at it!
    I still get very sad whenever I view a crucifix with Jesus on it though...It helps to remember that it was finished once and for all, and our precious Savior will never have to endure such torment again!
    Now when I invasion Him in my mind...He is almost always laughing...probably at me... LOL!

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  3. Yes, thank you, Jesus.

    This year I have had some "new" revelations about Easter, and what it all means. And I have never been more appreciative of what the Lord accomplished for me on the cross. Of course, it's that empty tomb that says it all!

    We love and serve a RISEN Savior!


  4. The cross is kind of a bittersweet thing. Were it not for Jesus shedding His blood and dying on that cross where would we be? So thankful, and forever grateful, for what Jesus did that day for me and for you.
    Be blessed this Easter Ken...Chelle

  5. Hi Ken,
    What a torturous death Jesus did have. Like you said, we don't honour a symbol but the One who was tortured. I just recently watched a youtube clip on a medical doctor describing the extent of pain Jesus went through on that cross. It is horrible indeed. The cross sure does remind us of just what Jesus did for us but like Sharon said we keep our eyes on the empty tomb! Praise Jesus!!

    Blessings brother,


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